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About Us

Welcome to the HII Technologies, Inc. site.  We are a Houston, Texas based Oilfield Services company with operations in Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio and West Virginia. The Company has positioned itself to take advantage of the significant anticipated growth in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing within the United States’ active shale and unconventional “tight oil” plays.  New technologies in horizontal drilling and its related hydraulic fracturing “fracing” have produced a renaissance of activity in the domestic United States. Most of our activity is in the states of Texas and Oklahoma, where about 57% of the rigs in the United States currently reside, according to a recent Baker Hughes rig count report.

Our Focus

The Company believes WATER, POWER and SAFETY are critical areas of need in the oilfield by operators and an excellent way to provide value to its stockholders benefiting from the increased activity levels of oilfield from shale and unconventional reservoirs.


The Company’s current customers are mostly oilfield operators that range from large oil and gas companies to well capitalized rapidly growing independent operators.  Relationships are the basis of how we obtain, keep and grow our business. We “earn our keep” every day. In most all cases, long term agreements are not awarded to service companies like ours, therefore, our operations are closely aligned with our customer’s expectations for performance and service. The trust that we develop with our customers for these critical service areas is paramount to our company.


Our competition is traditionally other oilfield service companies that are focused in water transfer, portable power or contract safety businesses.  We don’t traditionally compete with companies that perform the frac jobs themselves, such as the Halliburton, Schlumberger or Baker Hughes, sometimes referred to as the “Big 3”.  As discussed further below, as an example we transfer the frac water in coordination with, and received by, the Big 3 for them to do the frac, while being hired by the oil company operator.

Our Water Division

The Company’s WATER division is made up of three operating subsidiaries, AES Water Solutions, AquaTex and Hamilton Frac Water. Its WATER division usually is hired by oilfield operators to provide above ground temporary pipe or lay flat hose infrastructure from a water source such as a river or a pond to a frac site - usually into tanks for frac companies to perform the completion work.  Significant transportation costs of trucking water to frac sites makes the above ground pipe and hose services more cost effective in most cases.  In our experience, horizontal multi-stage fracs today can use more than 5 million gallons of water – making water a critical part of producing oil.

Through our WATER group, we also provide Flow Back services which is required after a frac is completed where the operator hires our firm to hook up to a well head and handle the water that flows back from the frac, usually for the first three or four weeks post frac. This Flow back equipment is used to direct high temperature and pressure water into tanks onsite usually controlled by the operator as well as separate the gas and sand that comes with flow back effluent. Flare stacks are also used in some cases during the first few weeks until lines and storage tanks are in place.

In addition to Water Transfer and Flow back services the WATER division offers high volume Onsite Recycling of flow back and produced water. This technology cleans up to 20,000 barrels of flow back or produced water per day with a footprint of two or three frac tank size containers and attached related equipment.

Our Power Division

The Company’s POWER division does business as Sage Power Solutions or “Sage”. Portable power is needed in the remote oilfield where there traditionally is little or no grid power. Sage rents a fleet of diesel and natural gas powered generators as well as light towers and other equipment to oilfield customers. The POWER division offers a broad range of generators from 20 KW all the way to 400KW and custom sizes up to 1 MW mini-grid applications.  All the generator sets are portable and oilfield customized with spill-berm containment type trailers, extended auxiliary fuel cells and enhanced perimeter lighting. Sage offers a customer-friendly “set it and forget it” program where Sage takes the responsibility of refueling the gen sets while onsite and service. The POWER division also rents other equipment that compliments or frequently is used including Light Towers, Compressors, Pumps and other items such as Trash Trailers.

The service department of the POWER division is a defining part of the company and is contracted to third parties in some cases to generate additional revenues for Sage. New natural gas related technology in POWER should build a competitive advantage for the company.

Our Safety Division

SAFETY is a part of everything HII Technologies and its divisions does. It is also of primary importance to oilfield operators. Many states require Safety Engineers (employed or contractors) onsite full time during the drilling and completion phases of well site development and operations.  Our SAFETY division thought its operating subsidiary AES Safety Services offerings Safety Engineers on a contract basis to exploration and production companies. These Safety Engineers usually work customized shifts to the energy company’s criteria and can range from single day jobs to long term rotation shifts of 14 days on residing onsite then rotating off for another 14 days. Oilfield operators utilize Safety Engineers to design safety programs, perform inspections, design systems, consulting and audits as well as illustrate compliance and documentation when needed. Our SAFETY division also offers classroom training for any persons requiring certification including SafeLand and H2S training.   This classroom training can be customized to include corporate policies and procedures.