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AES Water Solutions

AES is a Total Water Management Company servicing the Oil and Gas Industry. AES will supply high volumes of water from source to site through several different sizes of lay flat hose and on-site storage which can be assembled within six hours. In addition, AES provides top-of-the-line equipment to process wastewater flowback after the frac is complete. Innovative technology is offered which provides cost effective solutions by means of a 20,000 barrel per day recycling unit producing water which meets the water quality standards for reuse, evaporation units that can process between 85 to 125 gpm of wastewater minimizing transportation cost, and in-line bacteria destruction devises with on-site bacteria level analysis.

NEED ONE OR NEED THEM ALL, AES will bundle these services to provide efficiency, reduces liability and hassle and achieve an overall cost savings to the customer.

Collectively, AES has over 50 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. The goal for the AES team is to work with the E & P companies and support them in developing and providing a complete system on schedule within the company’s budget. AES can assist in developing solutions from water well drilling to temporary infrastructure needed to transfer water from one point another.

AES will work close to E & P customers to solve potential challenges in order to produce water conservation conditions.


Over 50 miles of 8”, 10”, 12” lay-flat hose is available with non-leak connections for water transfer systems. AES Service Technicians work together with the company’s Frac Engineer to develop the system which can be quickly installed to safely meet the required flow rates.

The system also includes portable distribution manifold trailers which are capable of controlling the water flow rate to 10 individual holding tanks. Water leakage is eliminated by the use of cam lock connections. Butterfly valves are utilized on the inlet and outlet of the units to control the full level of the holding tanks. High volume pumps are available to deliver over 100 BPM of water. Standard 12 ft. and 20 ft. length road crossings are utilized for efficient and safe means to move the water in the lay-flat hose over driveways and roads so that water flow is not interrupted. Once at the site, AES can erect large volume storage tanks within 6 hours to hold the water. These tanks can be dismantled within a short period of time in order to move them to a new location. (Replacing pits)


AES offers cost effective solutions to meet the range of water quality standards for reuse. AES provides a high volume modular Chemical Coagulent/Dissolved Air Floatation water recycling system which will remove 99% of Iron and Suspended Solids above 5 microns. AES also offers on-site evaporation units that will reduce wastewater disposal cost by 35-40% versus transportation and injection well costs. Flow-back equipment is available to process the wastewater flow-back stream after frac completion. To minimize bacteria, AES provides a chemical-free bacteria neutralization system for stored water and treatment during water transfer which has a kill rate of 99%. An In-field bacteria testing unit which quantifies the count of living bacteria complements the system so that process adjustments can be accomplished within a short period of time.