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AES Water Solutions

AES provides services in transporting high volumes of water through 10 inch Aluminum pipe from the source to the drill site.  The piping is mobile and can be quickly installed at any location.  Once there is completion, the piping can be disconnected and moved to the next location.  The piping systems will meet environmental standards.

AES has over 50 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry.  The AES teams goal is to work with the E & P companies to develop and provide a complete system on schedule and within the company’s budget.  AES can assist in developing solutions from water well drilling to temporary infrastructure needed to transfer water from one point to another.

AES has the capability, through HIIT, to supply additional recycling technologies in order to meet EPA standards and minimize water and ground contamination.

AES will work close to E & P customers to solve potential challenges in order to produce  water conservation conditions.


Available for water transfer systems is 10 miles of 10 inch Aluminum pipe with leak proof cam lock connections.  The pipe is installed with instrumentation, drain valves, air vents and adjustable pressure relief valves.

AES Service Technicians work together with the company’s Frac Engineer to develop and system which can be installed to meet the required rates safely.


Available are portable distribution manifold trailers which are capable of controlling the water flow rate to the 10 individual holding tanks.

Water leakage is eliminated by the use of cam lock connections.  Butterfly valves are utilized on the inlet and outlet of the units to control the full level of the holding tanks.


Available are 325 HP, John Deere 10” x 8” or 10” x 6” high volume Cornell pumps capable of delivering over 100 BPM of water.  Also available is a fleet of 175 HP Duetz turbo engines with a 6” x6” Cornell pump capable of delivering over 80 BPM of water.  In addition, to eliminate leakage, the pump suction and discharge are designed with all cam lock on the manifold units.


Available are 12 ft. and 20 ft. standard length road crossings used for efficient and safe means to move water in the pipeline over driveways and roads so that water flow is not restricted.

The road crossings are designed with a low profile to accommodate public and oilfield equipment for easy traffic crossing.  Custom built monorail trailers are utilized  for unloading, positioning and loading these low profile road crossing eliminating the need for additional equipment.

AES will also support the customer’s requirements by including the design of the drilling site location, site preparation, roads, pits, lining of all water containment facilities and any disposal requirements.

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