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HII Technologies, Inc. Announces Two New Customer Wins for Bacteria Testing and Removal

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HOUSTON, TX -- (Marketwired) -- 03/10/15 -- HII Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: HIIT) ("HII Technologies" or the "Company"), an oilfield service company focused in frac water management with supporting divisions in oilfield power and safety services, today announced it has new agreements with two major E&P companies in West Texas to provide on-site testing and elimination of bacteria using the Company's AES HydroFLOW® and Rapid-B™ test technologies.

Bacteria introduced into a well causes a range of problems that may damage the producing formation, cause corrosion, and result in loss of production. The cost of treating Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is estimated to be hundreds of millions of dollars per year, and hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single well. The traditional approach for preventing bacteria build-up has been to use oxidants and biocides to treat bacteria in water prior to it going downhole for fracing. Previous testing techniques required operators to wait one to three weeks for results and by the time the sample results were produced, some bacteria have survived the biocide treatment and remained in the water. The Vivione Rapid-B™ system makes in-field bacteria testing available in real time so that quantitative data can be used to calculate dosing of biocides. The Rapid-B™ system in combination with AES HydroFLOW® successfully destroys up to 99% of bacteria in water without the use of chemicals resulting in cost savings for operators in the field.

A major E&P company with a market capitalization of over $50 billion hired AES Water Solutions to test for bacteria in water and frac fluids in West Texas in order to systematically identify potential points of bacterial contamination throughout all stages of the frac. AES dispatched a mobile bacteria testing lab and collected fluid samples at each key point in the process, including discrete samples of various size proppants and gels. The Rapid-B™ technology was able to provide living bacteria counts within 15 minutes of initiating the test, resulting in identification of several samples with high bacteria levels detected after the biocide treatment. Rapid-B™ identified quantitative values for living bacteria allowing time to apply additional treatment of biocides based on real-time data before the fluid entered the formation.

Another major E&P company with large drilling and completion programs in West Texas began using the AES HydroFLOW® to kill bacteria in fresh and produced water pits, which resulted in maintained lower bacteria levels in stored water without use of chemicals. AES Water Solutions attached HydroFLOW® devices on the exterior of pipelines used to recirculate water in large pits (~250,000 bbls) and ruptured the cells of bacteria in the water. When compared with periodic dosing of oxidants which were no longer present in the water after the initial reaction, the HydroFLOW® continuously treated the water with greater long term effectiveness at neutralizing bacteria, and at a significantly reduced cost per month. The customer engaged AES Water Solutions to operate HydroFLOW® units during water transfer to a hydraulic fracturing operation for on-the-fly bacteria treatment.

"We are pleased to announce these new customer wins with active oilfield operators for the testing and removal of bacteria using AES HydroFLOW® systems," said Brent Mulliniks, President of AES Water Solutions. "Both contracts are with new customers in our core operating region of West Texas. This progress provides further evidence of the demand for the commercialization of AES HydroFLOW® and Rapid-B™ systems. The additions of large new customers gives us confidence that we can expect growth in this segment in an environment where the single service providers are losing market share to full bundled service providers."

The HydroFLOW® system provides lower cost bacteria treatment than chemicals (up to 70% savings), and is supported by testing from the Vivione Rapid-B™ that validates HydroFLOW's® effectiveness. HydroFLOW® is able to not only reduce the cost for neutralizing bacteria, but also considerably reduces the footprint and traffic of treatment equipment. AES Water Solutions provides a cost-competitive combination of water transfer and bacteria neutralization that saves time, cost and significantly reduces the footprint of on-site equipment. 

About HII Technologies, Inc.
HII Technologies, Inc. is a Houston, Texas based oilfield Services Company focused on Total Frac Water Management with operations in the Southwest United States. It has two supporting divisions in oilfield power management and safety services. By focusing on the critical service areas of Water, Safety and Power, the Company's bundled services approach has allowed them to become a cutting edge technology provider and cost saving solution to oilfield operators who are looking for ways to improve efficiencies in the current price environment. The Company's frac water management division does business as AES Water Solutions, Hamilton and AquaTex, its onsite oilfield contract safety consultancy does business as AES Safety Services and its mobile oilfield power subsidiary does business as Sage Power Solutions, formerly South Texas Power (STP). HII Technologies' objective is to bring proven technologies to these operating divisions to build a long-term competitive advantage for its stakeholders. Read more at www.HIITinc.com, www.AESWaterSolutions.comwww.AquaTexUSA.comwww.HamiltonFracWater.com, www.AESSafetyServices.com and www.Oilfield-Generators.com.

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